Clinic Information

Companion Animal Clinic is a full-service small animal hospital located in Blythewood, South Carolina. For your convenience, we schedule daily appointments, emergencies, walk-ins, and day admits (i.e. drop-offs). We schedule surgery and grooming daily throughout the week. We offer weekend hours on Saturdays 9am to 1:00 pm. Week days we are open 8:30am to 6pm. Doctor's start at 9:30am. At Companion Animal Clinic we pride ourselves on the high-quality, modern care we provide our patients.

Veterinary Exam

Veterinary exams are needed on a yearly basis to ensure the health of your pet and allow for early disease detection. A lot can change with the health of your dog and cat in one year’s time (Remember, your pet ages 7 years for every 1 human year!). A yearly exam also maintains a veterinary patient relationship, which allows our doctors to refill medications, and preventatives, such as heartworm, tick, and flea prevention.

Animal Diagnostics and Specialty Veternarian Services

  • In House Diagnostic Blood Machines: Companion Animal Clinic offers point of care bloodwork results while you wait to monitor organ function, therapeutic monitoring of medications, and blood cell evaluation.
  • Digital X-ray Machine: Companion can capture high definition images of your animal in a few seconds. Digitized images can be copied for transfer to other veterinarians and veterinary specialists if needed.
  • Digital Dental X-ray Machine: Companion's Veternarians can see the tooth roots and bone structure to assess disease status and health of your pet’s mouth. More than 80% of the tooth lies under the gum line, and cannot be evaluated properly without the use of x-ray imaging.
  • Surgical Laser: our Veterinary doctors use this form of surgery which replaces traditional scalpel methods for procedures including tumor removals and feline declaws to lessen tissue trauma and minimize bleeding and swelling.
  • Ultrasonic dental scaler and high-speed polisher: Helps keeps your animals teeth clean and healthy. These tools allow for rapid and thorough cleaning of tartar from your pet’s teeth. After tartar is removed, the tooth surfaces are polished to a smooth, luminous finish. This procedure is performed under sedation to eliminate your pet’s anxiety from loud buzzing sounds and vibrations.
  • TonoVet: This tool uses rebound tonometry, a modern method to analyze eye pressure to diagnose and monitor pets with glaucoma.
  • Cardell Veterinary Monitor: A non-invasive tool that monitors your pet’s heart rate, oxygenation, temperature and blood pressure during sedation. We also use this machine routinely during senior pet visits to screen your pet for high blood pressure.

In House Surgery

Most surgeries are same day procedures and can be scheduled throughout the week.
Surgeries range from the most routine such as spays, neuters, and declaws, to life saving emergency procedures. Regardless of the type of surgery performed at Companion Animal Hospital, every step is taken to ensure your best friend’s anesthetic safety such as pre-anesthetic bloodwork screening, intra-operative monitoring, and supervised recovery.

In House Pharmacy at your Blythewood Veterinary Hospital

At Companion Animal Clinic we offer a variety of flea, tick, and heartworm preventatives; carrying both topical and oral preparations for monthly year-round use. During your visit, a veterinarian or techinician will be happy to discuss your pet’s individual needs and determine which products would be most appropriate.

For pets with special dietary needs, we carry Hill’s Science Diet Prescription Food and Purina Veterinary Prescription diet foods


Canine and feline boarding is available. At Companion we provide food, bedding, and a climate controlled atmosphere. Dogs are walked throughout the day to stretch their legs, exercise and use the restroom. Our dogs are walked in a secure fenced in area that provides plenty of shade and just the right amount of sunlight. All pets that stay at Companion must be current on vaccines while they stay with us, and we are happy to update vaccines if needed.


Companion Animal Clinic offers canine and feline grooming appointments during the week, which includes a bath, nail trim, ear cleaning, and anal gland expression. Sedated grooms are also a service we provide under close veterinary supervision. We ask that all grooming patients are current on vaccines, and if needed we are happy to update vaccines during your pet’s stay with us.

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